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Why Laos should be at the top of your Bucket List?

You would have never heard about Laos which is the hidden gem of Southeast Asia, which stir the imagination of travelers. What are all the highlights? Why everyone should opt for a Laos’s trip? How’s Laos like? Is Laos beautiful? However if you don’t place Laos in your travel bucket list, you’ll regret later, and the explanations below will facilitate your perception about it.

Let’s start with 5 points which should be the reason of Laos being on your Bucket list.

Champasak coffee

The name of Champasak province in Laos comes largely from their vital product: coffee, with ninety five of the coffee grownup in Laos coming back from the Bolevan plateau located here. The distinctive weather during this region produce the distinctive coffee beans, coming back along with the distinctive flavor that you can’t recognize from any other place. Another fascinating factor is heap of farms in Champasak are certified organic without a label. Therefore, if you’re searching for a decent clean cup of coffee, head to Laos, and revel in these hot cups within the spectacular view of this cool-temperature land. For getting coffee, you’ll be able to simply realize this product is available in Vientiane and plenty of places within the country.

It’s Chill

We’re sure of it – Laos is the most relaxed country in Asia. Nobody is in a hurry. You may notice a merchandiser asleep, in operation on a trust system till he has finished his nap. The country is additionally extremely fertile, however the locals are content with simply harvest one rice crop a year.

Awesome Food

You can search out a Vietnamese or Thai restaurant in your neighborhood, therefore this one would possibly surprise you, however hear us out. Nothing in Laos is processed – everything is recent, healthy and flavorful. All over you go, you’ll probably stumble across mountains of recent herbs, sticky rice, steamed fish and crisp salads. Food pornography in Laos is real.

Water Falls

The high rainfall and intensive rivers mix with mountainous piece of ground to form a number of the world’s most spectacular waterfalls. For locals, waterfalls are the best spot for family picnics and disbursal time outdoors.

For travellers, the Kuang Si Falls outside of Luang Prabang are the foremost accessible in all senses of the word. Not solely are they straightforward to urge to, however you’ll be able to paddle and play within the Brobdingnag Ian advanced of natural falls and pools. Get there!


And not simply the “hill tribe” embroidery you see everywhere in South East Asia (much of that current work is created for tourists). Laos has many authentic textiles available from native artisans, in each ancient and a lot of modern designs. The Hmong Story Cloths that tell creation stories, myths and people tales, particularly, are pretty special.

Things to do while in Laos

  • Learn about coffee harvesting
  • Bath with the elephants
  • Visit unique vang Vieng
  • Trekking through jungles towards the mountains
  • Scuba Diving at Nam Ngum
  • Wander around the night market
  • Do water rafting
  • Taste the khao Piak Sen
  • Enjoy sindad
  • Have a taste of the sweet fruit pancake

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