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What are the best ways to explore Armenia?

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If this is your first time visiting Armenia then a lot of places will be on your mind which you wanted to visit first like ancient monasteries, national museums and also the historic brandy factories. Apart from the famous spots to visit in Armenia, there are also a lot of other amazing things to do in Armenia other than the guidebook highlights. Holiday Exit have come up with few extraordinary ways to visit (explore) Armenia (read our previous Armenia blog).

Few ways to explore Armenia

1. Paragliding over Lake Sevan

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan is the largest lake in the Caucasus and experiencing paragliding over there is a worthy experience in itself. Holiday Exit will arrange an expert who will update you about the basic equipment and give out tandem instructions for trying paragliding. It is the most thrilling experience by which one can get to know about the Armenian Landscapes.

You will float through the comfortable sunshine over rocky hills which are dotted with patches of wild flowers. Also, watch the town of Sevan from the above and enjoy the views.

2. Discover the Prehistoric Petroglyphs

Discover the Prehistoric Petroglyphs

Surrounding around a tiny low sparkling glacial lake at 10,500 feet on top of water level close to the highest of Mount Ughtasar, prehistoric petroglyphs, dated 2,000 BCE to – 12,000 BCE, are carven onto the flat surfaces of manganese boulders left behind by extinct volcanos.

The petroglyphs were at the start studied within the 1960’s, and archeologic analysis remains in progress. Thanks to the site’s high elevation, the outstanding carvings are lined with snow nearly 9 months of the year creating them accessible solely in summer months. Off-road vehicles take guests through rocky fields filled with flowers and butterflies that flit through the crisp mountain air. Celestial symbols, animals, hunters and even these dragons (pictured above) are proof of the lives and imaginations of ancient ancestors.

3. Create Porcelain Ornaments with Ceramics Masters

Create Porcelain Ornaments with Ceramics Masters

Next is for you to visit the ceramic factory of Antonio Montalto. The master artist present in the factory might teach you how to extraordinarily make a decorative egg. His clay is attracted to the porcelain mold which creates the hollow form.

4. Explore a Mysterious Monolith

Explore a Mysterious Monolith

Explore the mystery of Karahunj, ancient site with a circle of placed stones. Astronomers theorize that this 7,500-year-old site may be a celestial observatory pre-dating England’s Stonehenge by more than 4,500 years.

5. Explore Spectacular Geological Formations in Mozrov Cave

Explore Spectacular Geological Formations in Mozrov Cave

Lastly discover:

  • Flowstone
  • Stalactites
  • Stalagmites
  • Pristine rock “popcorn,”
  • “Soda straws,”
  • “Bacon-rind”
  • “Draperies”

While you are exploring Mozrov Cave, one of Armenia’s most decorated. The cave is ideal for intermediate-level recreational cavers on their own and novice cavers with a guide.

Holiday exit will organize excursions and provides:

  • Hard-hats
  • Head-lamps
  • Flashlights
  • Transportation

Through which you can explore this wild and well-preserved cave located in Vayots Dzor province.

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