FIJI - 4 Days



Day 1
Flight To Fiji

It’s your day to finally explore the stunning paradise of the Pacific Ocean. Board your flight to Fiji. Upon arrival, get transferred to the hotel and check-in at the hotel. Spend your day at relaxation and at leisure.

Overnight stay at your hotel resort.

Day 2
At Leisure

Upon breakfast in the morning, spend your day at complete leisure. You can involve yourself into some relaxation by choosing to savor a Fiji delicacy, hitting the gym or chilling with your travel buddy at a spa.

Overnight stay at your hotel resort.

Day 3
Adventurous Fiji

Upon breakfast in the morning, make the most of your visit to Fiji by spending your day, doing some of the famous adventure activities like snorkeling, scuba diving or jet skiing.

After the activities, return back to your hotel.

Overnight stay at your hotel resort.

Day 4
Departure from Fiji

Upon breakfast in the morning, check-out from your hotel and take a transfer to board your flight back to your home country.

Stretching its arms across the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is an island country comprising of over 300 unlike islands, coming together to form a horseshoe-shaped archipelago. Out of the 300, only a 100 of them are inhabited giving visitors a chance to have a look at its diversity.

Its beauty not only lies in its islands but in its unique culture and the Fijian cuisine, where you could find an appetizing scent of curries in the air.

Fiji is renowned to have its own cultures, making it quite fascinating and admirable. Vibrant songs, the chirping of the birds and exhaling beauty of the islands always surprises its visitors.

It’s only here where you can experience the dazzling sands of the perfect palm trees and blue waters that literally glow and shine. The island looks like a painting airbrushed. In the truest term used for it, Fiji is an island Paradise fitting to its slogan of “The Pearl of the Pacific”.

During its colonial periods, the British began to have fiercely colonized the country. But now the fierceness has been replaced with big Fiji smiles, welcoming millions of sun lust tourists, turning it into a honeymoon or adventure hot spot.

Not to leave the fact that Fiji is a plethora of beach resorts, probably the ones you’ve always wanted to be too. Some along the coast, or amidst the shimmery waters or some even located on an isolated island.

Fiji is both rich and spectacular, in whatever terms you want to take it as.

  • Suntan at the beaches

We’re sure the idea of basking into the sun popped up once we spoke about the Fiji islands since it is blessed with pristine beaches. So here’s your chance of slapping the sunscreen on and lazing at the beach while you see the sunset down.

  • Snorkel over the reefs

Thanks to its location, snorkelling over the coral reefs is a cool thing to do. Just take a relaxing dip inside the turquoise waters and you’ll get a sneak peek of the incredible marine life that it has got. No better way to see the world below.

  • Participate in a traditional ceremony

Fijians are known to be some of the most hospitable people in the world. They’re famous for a kava ceremony where you would be sitting in a circle on the floor while your host prepares a drink that is made from the kava roots. The main guest starts to take the drink in one go, and the rest then follow.



Australian Dollars
Best Time To Visit


October to November
Flight From Dubai


Qantas Airlines, Virgin Australia, Fiji Airways




Fijian, Hindi, English




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