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Top 10 Tourist Destinations in the World

Searching for the top tourist destinations in the world? Wanna travel the world? Want to explore the most visited destinations in the world? Here we discuss the most visited and popular destinations that should be in your bucket list.
Before going to the world tour there must be places in your bucket list that are famous and fascinating. Pack your luggage and visit these most beautiful and inspiring destinations in the world.

List of Top tourist destinations

The list of top 10 attractions in the world to make it happen to visit there during the tour are

1. Great wall of China
2. Eiffel tower, Paris
3. Colosseum, Rome
4. Buckingham Palace, London
5. Central Park, New York
6. Burj Khalifa, Dubai
7. Taj Mahal, Agra
8. Blue Mosque, Turkey
9. British Museum
10. Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Great wall of China, China

wildlife in Palawan

It is the wonder of the world. That is built of stone brick and other materials. This Great Wall of China safe the china from border invasions. The wondrous thing is that its length is from 1500 to 5000 miles. But in the survey it is of 2012, it is suggested that its length is double of that is mentioned. Great no of visitors visits this great wall.

Eiffel tower, Paris

No doubt, Paris has many architectural wonders. But Eiffel tower is the famous one. Visiting Paris and not visit the Eiffel tower will be a great loss. Eiffel tower is mostly known for its beauty, but there is much more inside there. As you will going upwards, the panoramic views of Paris will show to you. Add this fascinating tour to your bucket list to have a real advantage of your world tour.

Colosseum, Rome


If you are visiting Rome, then must visit the ancient Rome’s most famous site. As it is the most recognized landmark in the world. It is the iconic symbol of ancient Rome. At today’s time, it is the most visited spot in Rome. Wanna add some beautiful places to your bucket list then must visit there.

Buckingham Palace, London


Visiting London? Buckingham Palace is must visit for any someone who visits London. It is the resident of Queen. But in summer, it is open for public when Queen is not in residence there. The place features 19 beautifully decorated State Rooms, beautiful Throne Room, Grand Staircase and many more. Visit there, the world’s remaining working palace.

Central Park, New York


Green heart of the New York is Central park. This beautiful park contains many beautiful things to do. Awesome places include meadows, forests, lakes, monuments, and spectacular architecture. The areas are so plentiful to visit there. This park is for every age group.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai


Burj Khalifa, World’s tallest building. A wonder of today’s living. Experience the beautiful views of Dubai from this tallest building. Its feature is not only the tallest building but it is also the most popular tourist attraction. The biggest attraction of Burj Khalifa is its observatory deck. This makes it the top tourist destination in the world. Also must add this to your bucket list to have an awesome vacation.

Taj Mahal, Agra


This beautiful attraction needs no words to describe its beauty. It is also the part of seven wonders. There is a myth of love story about this, that’s why it is also the popular attraction in India. No tourists visiting India will miss visiting there. To have a memorable vacation and world tour, also add this to your bucket list. This is also included in top tourist destinations.

Blue Mosque, Turkey


Blue mosque, historical place in turkey is the most popular attraction. It is also known as Sultanahmet in Turkish. This mosque is known as a blue mosque because of blue tiles are surrounded it.

British Museum


The museum has a vast collection of artifacts and world art that attract many tourists. It is also the main attraction for tourists of worldwide. The highlights of the museum are Rosetta stone that is enlarged with different languages. From years this museum is expanded and renovated. Now, this is the most popular tourist attraction in the world.

Lake Geneva, Switzerland


The Switzerland largest lake is Lake Geneva. It has beautiful and dramatic scenery. Going there for the tour must become with dramatic scenery. No doubt Switzerland is a dreamland for everyone. But if someone visits Switzerland then missing this place must be a mistake. Take this on the top while having a world tour or visiting Switzerland. This is also the top tourist destination in the world.

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