things to do in Fraser island

Experience all the incredible things to do in Fraser Island. In fact, it is one of the best tourist attraction in Australia. Furthermore, the biggest sand island on the planet. What things are more interesting to do there?
While Fraser Island is considered the most adventurous place to visit. To illustrate, this island made of sand means no return visit will be the same and no day will either same.

If you are planning your trip to Fraser Island then below are some tips to make your time more interesting.

Most of this island has sandy National parks, endless beaches, mangroves, lagoons, and sand dunes. Lakes and streams are the most beautiful natural attractions there.

How to get there?

It is about 15 kilometers off the coast of Hervey Bay and 300 kilometers from north of Brisbane. Virgin Australia handles direct flights from Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne to the Fraser Coast. Indeed, QantasLink also operates these flights. Additionally, you can also make a quick trip on the ferry of 50 minutes trip to Fraser Island.

There are some most interesting and adventurous things to do is Frasers Island explained below to have an enjoyable trip there.

Drive along 75-mile beach

Drive along 75-mile beach

75 miles beach is the Fraser’s National Highway. On the eastern side of the Fraser Island, it is the main long stretch beach and is the part of Bruce highway. The ocean is pounding and wild. Moreover, there are also many best things to do there. That includes camping, beach fishing, and there is a stretched sand.

While driving 75 Mile Beach, the important thing to understand about the tides. Understand how tides work to not to cut off that makes you back to your accommodation. Actually, don’t drive when the rides are high. Low tides are best, and drive when the tides are flat and hard.

Experience wildlife

wildlife in fraser island

The highlight of Fraser land is spotting wildlife. There is a rich variety of fauna depicts its diverse habitats. Maybe you see there flying foxes, dingoes, sugar gliders, brushtail possums, snakes, and sand monitors. Birding is also amazing. Moreover, more than 354 species have been seen there. These species include pied oystercatchers, yellow-tailed black-cockatoos, king-parrots, and white-bellied sea-eagles.

Underwater, animal life is also rich. The animals swim there are Dolphins, dugongs, stingrays, turtles, and sharks (particularly tiger sharks). From August to October humpback whales migrate past the island.

Lake McKenzie swimming

lakes in Fraser island

Lake McKenzie is one of the most visited-attraction. It offers a combination of cool clear water with sublime white sand in shades of blue. Silky soft silica sand filters the rainwater of this lake. This makes it pure and it supports the little aquatic life.  It is also a famous camping spot. Visitors come here to sprawl on the shores and swan in clear water. Explore the unique experience of swimming in this clear water.

Float along Eli Creek

Float along Eli Creek

A largest freshwater stream is Eli Creek in Fraser’s Island. From the inland mouth on to the beach, it flows. Never float down and never get much deeper than knee-thigh deep. It is the largest creek on Frasers Island that pours four million liters of clear water.  It is a famous picnic and swimming spot in Frasers Island.

While driving through the creek, must take care when there is fast flowing water. Take a break when the tides are high and swim until you pass the creek to its lower end.


hiking in fraser island

There is a very diverse landscape on Fraser Island. Walking there takes you in a slow and relax mode. Walk while watching Fraser’s beautiful towering rain forest, amazing sand blows, and clear freshwater lakes. Frasers Island is the only place in the world, where on the sand, majestic rainforest grows. That makes it island landscapes unique and diverse.

Climb the dunes at Lake Wabby

lake wabby

Frasers Island base is consist of sand. Lake Wabby is the deepest lake of Frasers Island. It is also the most attractive place to see nature in action. It is only the barrage lake there that is also a window lake. It takes 40 minutes to hike to the lake from the parking lot. The best time to start hiking is early before the strong heat because the journey is mostly on soft sand.

Watch the great view from Indian head

indian head

The most easterly point in Fraser Island is Indian head. At the northern end of seventy-five meal beach. It offers breathtaking scrolling dunes, scrub beyond and panoramic view along wave-washed shores. To the top of the point, it just takes 15-20 minutes to climb over soft dry sand. For watching the wildlife along the shore, it is also the best place. Especially in winter, it offers fantastic wildlife view when bluefish gather to spawn there.

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