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The best time to travel Jordan

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Spring and autumn are the excellent instances to take a tour to Jordan because the days are warm, with temperatures into the excessive 20Cs, but nights are cool. Exploring the sites in this climate is high-quality, it isn’t always too hot for trekking in the nature reserves and both flora and fauna are abundant. The summer months here are very hot, with temperatures accomplishing up into the 40Cs. But, in case you are not adversely affected by heat its miles nonetheless worth thinking about an experience at the moment as you may have sites like Petra almost to yourself. Inside the winter months, Jordan often reports snow and the nights get cold; especially inside the desert areas. Winter weather is also while the majority of the rain falls, but showers tend to be quick and sharp.

Jordan Temperatures by month
Jordan in January and February

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

The winter months in Jordan are very cold: Amman is generally assailed by way of biting winds, whilst Petra studies snowfall and temperatures hovering a few ranges beneath freezing. Around Aqaba and the Dead Sea, the climate is hotter and extra pleasant. January is likewise the wettest month of the yr.

Jordan in March

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

In March the country emerges from the chilly temperatures of winter, and the rainiest time of the year is over. As this is only the start of spring the sites are nonetheless extraordinarily quiet. However, nights inside the desert may be quite cold still.

Jordan in April and May

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

Wildflowers coat the valleys and even the desert from April through to early June, developing a kaleidoscope of color across the country. Temperatures are warm however not too hot and thanks to winter rain, the valleys are and forests are lush. This is one of the maximum popular times to visit Jordan.

Jordan in June and August

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

The warmth will increase over the summertime months from June to August, so in case you plan on journeying at some point of this time #HolidayExit recommend taking plenty of water and locating color frequently. But, this is dry warmth rather than being humid, so in case you do don’t mind the high temperatures it may nevertheless be at ease. As that is the low season, hotels tend to decrease their fees, therefore.

Jordan in September

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

Despite the fact that still a summer month, toward the end of September temperatures do start to cool off slightly.

Jordan in October and November

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

Autumn isn’t always a particular season in Jordan, although it falls roughly from the end of September through the end of November. Temperatures have cooled from the heat of summertime but aren’t yet into the depths of the winter chill, and there is often a bit of rain around mid-October which provides sustenance to the ground after a dry few months, developing inexperienced landscapes yet again. That is a completely fine time to visit Jordan.

Jordan in December

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

December is the start of the winter season in Jordan, with temperatures plummeting and rain and snow frequently falling at some point of at some stage in the country. But, that is a quiet time to visit, so sites may be empty.

Climate table in Jordan (Month wise)

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

Facts about Jordan

Movie enthusiasts will understand tons of Jordan’s arid crimson landscapes, as a number of the most famous films of the last half-century have been filmed here. “Lawrence of Arabia” changed into certainly Lawrence of Wadi Rum. Indiana Jones fought the ultimate crusade at Petra. Matt Damon plotted his “Martian” escape from the desert plateau in Wadi Rum, however, it’s no longer the primary time this country played stand-in for Mars – “mission to Mars” and “the Red Planet,” amongst others, had been shot here too. The Transformers and X-guys have brought their heroic battles to Jordan’s sands, however, the gritty battles of the “Hurt Locker” and “zero dark Thirty” have been also fought here. And that’s simply the fact list!

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