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Make Magical Memories this Winter in Europe

“To appreciate the attractiveness of a snowflake it is essential to stand out in the cold.”

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What is so special about winters in Europe?

Below is the answer

Homes are adorned with fairy lighting fixtures and ice skating rinks are set up in public areas. Outdoor Christmas markets line the main squares in lot of cities, where human flock are made to drink mulled wine and devour gingerbread biscuits iced with cheery vacation messages.

The Europeans believes that winter is something to have fun, a time to rug up in a coat and headband and enjoy the season together with your buddies and circle of relatives. You should be eager on embracing the cold and spending some time outdoor!

What are the things which you can do in Europe and make magical memories?

HolidayExit has come up with top winter activities you can try

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

  • Winter festivals
  • Husky sledding
  • Frozen Waterfalls
  • Ice fishing
  • Scenic Train Routes

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

Must see places in Europe to create Magical Memories

Prague, Czech Republic

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

Prague is considered as one of the most stunning cities in Europe. No surprises at all.

Now, even as Prague is a popular vacation spot in the summer season, the city seems to radiate an exclusive glow in winters. Less crowded streets and less costly accommodation are a number of the perks of going to Prague in winters. Ice skating rinks, Christmas cuisine, and the Christmas market offer a universal blast to this celebration.

The metropolis, with its staggering historic systems, is even extra appealing even now at the 12 months of December because of the celebrations inclusive of the St. Nicholas Eve, Bohemian Carnevali and Severa concert events held within the city in winter.

Salzburg, Austria

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

If you want to enjoy winters at its finest, Salzburg need to be on your journey list. Again, this is quite outstanding summer city to visit however in the winter season – Salzburg is definitely lovely!

There’s additionally an entire lot to do in Salzburg in winters. If you’re at the extra athletic/lively aspect, there’s snowboarding and outdoor ice skating at the Grossarltal activity center.

For the extra laid back, (and this one’s a deal for the music aficionados) you need to definitely make an effort to attend Mozart Week where well-known conductors play music. Salzburg is likewise widely known for its medieval homes, Romanesque archways and thermal spas that provide something of a distinctive sizzle to this majestic city.

Berlin, Germany

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

One word for Berlin Germany in winters is the Christmas markets!

German markets are absolutely the fine element at Christmas.

One of the cities where you have to-go, for attraction is the Gemäldegalerie which hosts a wide series of European portray of masterpieces from the 13th to 18th century.

Sumptuous German cuisine are also presented on the cozy Hartmann’s eating place and Café Einstein both eating places provide some as an alternative tasty feasts.

Paris, France

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

The magic of France in winter time is something you need to explore yourself! Walking alongside the Seine within the crisp morning air and buying a packet of roasted chestnuts to warm your fingers. You will sit down at a restaurant and sip a cup of warm chocolate as you watch the world’s most elegant nation cross approximately their day. Those are some of the things that ought to be for your French wintry weather excursion bucket list.

Paris is known as the city of lights for a reason! The city certainly comes into its personnel over the festive season. One of the maximum stunning attractions to behold while Christmas time rolls around is the famous tree on the Galeries Lafayette. Of course, Disneyland Paris in all its festive finery is nothing quick of dazzling. And the world-famed holiday lighting fixtures that line the Champs-Elysees.

London, UK

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

London has pretty much everything happening in winters. Christmas markets, bar and restaurants, festive streets and so much greater winter weather delights.
London is without a thought one of the favorites in winter for a lot of people and will stay the same in the upcoming years as well.

Rome, Italy

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

Rome is another one of those cities that is heaving (crowded) throughout summer so going to Rome in winter weather is a good choice in case you’d like to pass those queues and crowds. Moreover, Rome’s Christmas and New Year occasions must not be ignored, inclusive of the Christmas market in Piazza Navona which displays the city’s wealthy tradition and faith.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

Reykjavik is also a metropolis to go to because of its proximity to some of Iceland’s maximum superb attractions so certainly use the city as a home base, hire yourself a vehicle and head out of the city to look more of what Iceland has to offer.

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Paragliding over Lake Sevan

The stunning medieval metropolis of Cesky Krumlov is a UNESCO international historical past site and that in itself seems like more than sufficient motive to visit.

Despite the fact that visitors opt to discover the city at some point of summer season, it’s miles simple that Cesky Krumlov remains as majestic as its miles for the duration of winter time. Tours around the courtyards and gardens of the Cesky Krumlov fort is one of the need to-do activities while in Cesky Krumlov and sincerely, a simple stroll across the metropolis is pretty a good deal assured to go away it with a unique place in your tour recollections.

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