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How beautiful is South Africa

South Africa

Beautiful places in South Africa are the main reason for tourists to go there repeatedly. The most beautiful country in the world is South Africa. Because of its natural beauty different cultures and beautiful places, it ranked in first 20 Beautiful countries. The abundance of wildlife, beautiful nature, and of course Cape Town, these all things are in the same place to experience. This country has a wide range of tourists traveling there. Not only it has a natural beauty but also the urban-amazing too. In fact, from 10 most beautiful coastal drives, this country has 3 of them.  The drives include Clarens Drive and Chapman’s Peak, the topmost beautiful coastal drives. South Africa also has an astonishing marine life. It is the best place to view in the world. Whale from shores and to swim with sharks will be the most beautiful experiences of yours. This country also has national parks, Mountain ranges, Blyde River Canyon and many other views that will surely wonder you.

Beautiful places in South Africa

Beautiful places in South Africa

No Doubt, there are many beautiful places in South Africa to visit. South Africa is the land of great diversity with adventurous parks, green hillsides, sandy caves, mud huts, and many more beautiful views. A great number of attractions are there that attracts tourists from all over the world. It will not disappoint even when there is a time to visit there for beautiful places. Rich in culture and non-comparable natural beauty that makes this country most beautiful to visit. The most beautiful places to visit are mentioned below.

  • Kruger National Park
  • Table Mountain
  • Boulders Beach
  • The Cape of Good Hope

Kruger National Park

Kruger Park

Explore the vast landscapes and African wildlife in Kruger national park. Discover unique wildlife in Africa and explore Africa’s five big: Leopard, elephant, lion, rhino, and buffalo. For a great experience of wilderness, there is plenty of birds, reptiles, mammals, and different trees and flowers. Are you adventurous?  Wanna explore it immensely? Take a bush walk there and fly above in a hot air balloon. It is the one largest national park in the world. There are two rivers on the north and south of Kruger national park that act as the boundaries. The rivers are Limpopo and crocodile. There is also a huge plant life there that attracts tourists.

Table Mountain

Table maintain is the most abstract mountain in South Africa. For photography lovers, it is the most photographed attraction. The famous cable car took many tourists on its top. This is not only the photographic attraction, but it also had hidden many things. There were about 2,200 species of plants and 1470 floral species found there. On the eastern foot of the mountain, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens were found. The area beside the park has a biodiversity that doesn’t found anywhere in the world. Another attraction is hidden on beside of this mountain that is“The Cape of Good hope”.

The Cape of Good Hope

The Cape God

On the Atlantic coast of South Africa, the Cape of Good Hope is the rocky headland. It is the part of Table Mountain. There is spectacular scenery there that attracts tourists from all over the world. The southernmost area this cape point is rugged, scenic, and wild. The Cape of Good Hope has almost 250 species of birds that make astonished someone. Proteas and ericas of flowers attract sunbirds, sugarbirds and other species when there is flowering.  They wander there in search of nectar. There is a rich diversity of marine life there. It offers an excellent vantage point for whales and dolphin watching.

Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach

Boulders beach is an ideal swimming spot for kids. The ancient boulders protect it from wind and large waves. Its rock pools are stunning and kids love to swim there with a lot of penguins. Only the soft sand and warm water attract the tourists there. But the penguins are also the reason for kids to go there. African penguins are known as the jackass penguin and they are the only penguins in the continent. Summer is the right time to visit this beach. Because at that time you will see the most penguin actions.

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