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Customer Service Policy

We are committed to provide a responsive, caring and professional service to all our clients.

We perform all our operations on a total quality policy to surpass our client’s expectations from us. Holiday Exit provides reliable and maximum value for money services to its customers.

Aim and Objective

Our main aim is to enrich our client’s experience with us in every way. We cater all our client’s requirements at best with our sound services and always seek to maintain and magnify our image of proffering high quality services.

We believe that customer service is directly related to tourism and customer care is an important part of every industry. Hence this policy has been outlined to give proper guidance to our clients and staff on the approach of communicating and providing services.

Our Commitment to Clients

We are pledged to be responsible to the requirements and concerns of our clients or future clients. Also in accordance with the standard mentioned in our policy, we are always committed to promote the vision and core values of our organization.

Main Customer Service Objectives

  • To insure all dealings with Holiday Exit is met with highest maintained standards.
  • To keep our promises and be open and honest about everything.
  • To treat you and your data with respect and in accordance to our privacy policy.
  • To listen to you and provide with speedy and clear communicative terms.
  • To exhibit impeccable customer care.
  • To accept your right to complain and to guarantee you full and fair investigations.
  • To act in a professional manner and to be polite with our clients all the time.
  • To deal with any type of enquiry immediately and to get back swiftly if there’s any type of delay.
  • To provide with correct information, promotional offers and customer feedbacks.
  • To monitor standards of operations and organization as a whole.
  • To build and maintain a healthy fruitful relationship with our clients and local community.
  • To provide sufficient and appropriate staff training.

We Assure You

We at Holiday Exit assures you to give current up-to-date and fair information in every case you ask us to. Our staff is committed to provide with the unprejudiced and fair services to all our clients at same level. We give you the best advice and don’t indulge you in any vague information.

We try our best and will keep on doing so with all your inquiries and customer support. Our staff is obliged to give quick response or replies to any query made by our clients or potential clients. We remain in close contact with our customers and give them quick responses. Shall there be any delay if there’s any complicated matter, we get back to you as soon as possible to provide you with the solution and reason of delay.

We stay in touch with our clients from their first interaction with us to their arrival at destination, we keep in contact to provide you with any information and additional service needed. We keep you informed and in contact at all stages to ensure that your visit runs smoothly.

Our prices are reasonable and fair. Also, there is not any hidden extra charges we apply to our cost prices. We apply a standard surplus on our tour packages. This applies to agreed itinerary only.

If you ask us for customized services, then the itineraries we make and prices we quote will always be reasonable and inclusive of all taxes. We cater to all your requirements professionally and do not want you to be disappointed so we make sure you have pleasant experience with us throughout.

Feedback & Comments

If you want to contact Holiday Exit concerning any matter about the services company provides you with, you should contact without any delay. Get in touch with your respected relevant branch either by phone, e-mail or in person. Contact info of all branches is mentioned on Holiday Exit’s website www.holidayexit.com

Or you can pay us a visit at;

Office 2402D, Aspin Commercial Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Should your experience with us is smooth, pleasant enough and meet your expectations then please let us know about your experience with us. Write your feedback on our website (www.holidayexit.com) and post on our social channels.

If your experience with us hasn’t met your expectations or didn’t go as you expected, then please tell us. While we strive to deliver the highest standards for our customers, we understand that on occasion things don’t go as expected. If that is the case we want you to let us know so that we handle, resolve and try to make things right. We believe that your feedback is highly valuable to us in order to improve our services for the better future.


We provide our services to clients efficiently and work hard to maintain our quality standard of our organization. We accept and understand that if you perceive we have not met your expectations and our standards of customer service, so complaints may be made.

Either a complaint or any concern raised is made by telephone, e-mail or in person we assure you that we will take appropriate measures to investigate. Being a standard quality organization we use your feedback, criticism or any complaint made as a means to improve our standard of services in any way.

If at any time your experience with us, you feel you are not satisfied with the level of services because of any reason. We ask you to please let us know without any hesitation and we will try our best to resolve your complaint promptly so you enjoy your experience.
All complaints will be dealt by our General Manager or the person they feel can best look after your concern. You’ll be notified by an acknowledgement of your complaint within 5 working days. After that your complaint will be investigated as soon as possible.


Our website contains all up to date data and information regarding our services and packages. You would be able to browse our website to book packages and services as per your choice. You can alter the text size or size of the website as a whole through your browser toolbar settings. There is thorough guidance for resizing when using different browser or search engines. Our website is www.holidayexit.com

Data Protection

If you request us for information, an itinerary, booking or any service relating to your tour, we understand it that you’re willing to provide us with your information to manage and proffer you with your desired requirement.
While processing for booking or completion of your service, or staff will ask you for your personal details like passport copy, e-mail address, personal photographs and more additional documents depending on your request. We might hold some of this information mainly your e-mail address to keep you informed of any upcoming deals or special offers. If you wish to opt out to get notified then please inform the staff while booking and in talking terms with you. If you book through our website then you may opt out of receiving emails about any offers you wish not be notified.


Holiday Exit is an equal opportunity based organization and our recruitment process is all unbiased. All applicants are treated with respect and courtesy as our customers and we ensure high level fairness and confidentiality throughout the recruitment process.

Staff Training

Holiday Exit is committed to arrange training sessions for all staff members to keep them updated in a healthy and careful environment. We believe that professionally well trained staff deals efficiently with customer queries and work diligently. Holiday Exit conduct interdepartmental meetings and strong way of communication to ensure our staff is up to the standard marks for the organization.

Evaluation of Customer Care

Holiday Exit has a team that’s dedicated to ensure the standard of customer care and the quality. Our employees and managers meet from time to time regularly to discuss and review the organization’s commitment to customer care as we believe it is the backbone of the industry and will always play an important role to promote our organization.

About This Policy

This policy statement is to gain expertise in providing services to our customers.
If you have any query or demand any explanation about the customer support, let us know and our team will provide you with assistance.
If there be further any necessary changes to the policy, they will be update on this page.
We’re honored you chose Holiday Exit and we look forward to long-term customer base relationship.

Thanking you, we remain

Team Holiday Exit