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You will need a personal travel agency to book your trip. We are sure of the fact that you will get the same expected trip as you want by talking to an expert travel agency. Leave a call for us with your travel expectations and for further consultation, visit us.

CALL US  +971 2 672 7738



After booking is done, Holiday Exit recommend you to call your travel expert and get cleared on all your travel queries. If you are still not cleared and have more queries regarding the trip, kindly pay a visit at the store and get sorted in your head.

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Your travel expert or our customer service providing team will share the details of your resort representatives, once you are abroad. Feel free to first contact them on any proceedings or requests.

EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBER      +971 2 672 7738
Head Office           +971 2 672 7738
Share your experience with us.

If there is anything we can help you with, Kindly tag along with your personal travel expert or our team. We will always be in touch with you, to know the detailing about your trip.

Abu Dhabi Office 

Mezzanine Floor, Behind Al Salama Hospital, Hamdan Street,

Abu Dhabi

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