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Best festivals in Korea

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Best festivals are celebrated in Korea. Korea is a place of festivals where many events are celebrated. The Korean traditional festivals are the Korean national and local festivals that are celebrated immensely.  These festivals have a long history that continues among Korean people. These are largely based on rituals and myths. Some are the largest festivals like Chusok and seollal (New Year event). No doubt Korea has an addictive drama series, KPop music, and mouthwatering cuisine. Aside these there is another thing that Korean knows well, that is festivals. Festivals there doesn’t only mean to have fun, it also serves as to immerse someone to its culture. There are plenty of festivals that take place in Korea. Some best are listed here, you should definitely check these.



Chuseok is one of the largest and best festivals in Korea. Chuseok is also referred to as hangawi, where “Han” means big and “Gawi” means the idea of the eighth lunar month or autumn. How Chusok is celebrated?  In the early morning, the family members gathered in a home to offer their memorial services in honor of their ancestors. Freshly harvested rice, alcohol, and songpyeon are prepared as an offering to their family ancestors during chuseok’s charye. Another thing that is done on chuseok’s event is to visit an ancestor’s grave. This is known as Seongmyo. As this is a holiday that’s why many traditional games are also played on that day. To celebrate the beautiful harvest, many dishes are prepared on that day. Best and significant food includes traditional liquor and jeon.

Danodano festival

Best holiday and festival of Korea. This event is held on the 5th day of the fifth month of the lunar Korean calendar. On that day there is an official holiday in Korea. It was the day of spiritual rites and people enjoy with dance, song, and wine in ancient Korea. Traditionally, women’s believe that their hairs shine is enhanced by washing it in boiled water with a sweet flag (changpo). To celebrate that day people wore red and blue clothes with died hairpins. To avoid the evil spirit, men wore iris roots around their waist. Many traditional foods are prepared that includes surichitteok, ssuktteok, and herb rice cakes. Many folk games are also played to celebrate the Dano festival.



Jeongwol Doeboreum is considered as the first full moon of the lunar year. Which is held on the 15th   day of the lunar calendar. This moon is referred to be the biggest and roundest of all the moons. Traditions and customs are performed on that day and wish for the peaceful year. This event is the best to know more about Korean tradition. And there are many activities to celebrate that event. There are many traditions performed on that day. These includes

  1. Drinking gwibalgisul          5.  Jwibulnori
  2. Cracking bureom                6.  Jisinbapgi
  3. Sharing ogok-bap rice        7.  Juldarigi
  4. Burning daljip                      8.  Deowipalg

Korean New Year (seollal)

new year in Korea

Korean New year is a holiday that refers to the first day of the lunar 1st month. Typically celebration is for 3 days. At the first Korean families gather in the house of their oldest male relative. They gather to give them honor and respect. The focal point of this festival is the ritual of ancestor worship but there are also many other activities done on that day. Other best activities include eating together, playing games and “Sebae” in which children and students bow in front of their elders and get small gifts of money.


This event is celebrated when the daylight is short and moonlight is long. Means short day and long night. And it usually held on December 22nd every year. After this event, the days start getting longer and the spring comes so people consider it as a new year. In the ancient time’s people when Dongzhis is nothing people take holiday from work and place the dark lumpy dish in every room to save from evils. As the Korean proverb “eat patjuk and you eat a year”, means when you eat this dish you grow a year older. It is an amazing festival when little white dumplings are eaten.

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